The Artist:

Margaret is an Alumna of London University of the Arts, & graduated from Byam Shaw School of Arts in 1999 with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Arts. After several years living and working abroad, she returned home to Australia in 2000 and now lives in Sydney, Australia.

The Paintings:

Her abstract paintings are based on natural phenomena: Landscape, cellular structure & microcosmic images. Her interest lies in macroscopic versus microscopic duality. Her paintings use light & colour to enhance natural structures from the world around us, sometimes viewed and enhanced through electron microscopy. The scale of such cellular activity is magnified to massive proportions in order that the final paintings can measure up to two metres squared. The activity then becomes intensely dramatic in colour and gesture, the forms cascade through their picture planes which remain flat and yet all encompassing, reminiscent of colour field painting.

The Photograms:

Alongside her paintings, Margaret makes photograms (unique photographic images with no camera or negative involved). When at University she researched the visual effects created by growing micro-organisms on photographic paper. The treated paper is used to grow the microbes in the same way as a petri dish containing nutrients is used in laboratories to develop cultures. These photograms form beautiful works in their own right as well as providing the source material and inception of larger painted works.